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#FriskyFriday: January 18th 2013

Every week Playboy asks Playmates, models and random hot girls to submit their sexiest photos via Twitter using the hashtag #FriskyFriday. They then filter through the girls to see which ones encompass the Playboy brand the best. Those who make the cut will make it to this page and are one step closer to becoming the weekly #FriskyFriday winner judged by Playboy staff.

If you are on Twitter, be sure to follow @PlayboyDotCom to check out our favorite photos being tweeted out. If you’re not on Twitter, fear not! Simply refresh this page randomly throughout the day to catch the best of the best #FriskyFriday tweets.

  • Happy #FriskyFriday @Playboy @PlayboyPlus @PlayboyDotCom @hughhefner (Such a horrible job!!) Sike! Obvi.. http://pic.twitter.com/UgOmG8mZ
  • @playboydotcom winner # 1: Jenni lynn
  • #FriskyFriday @Playboy @playboydotcom @PlayboySi @PlayboyPlus @PlayboyRadio @PlayboyTV @sexytwitpics http://pic.twitter.com/9YNd9eiV
  • @playboydotcom winner # 2: Leanna Decker
  • #FriskyFriday @playboy @playboyplus @PlayboyDotCom @hughhefner #sunyourbuns http://pic.twitter.com/XTsiqUFo
  • These boots were made for #FriskyFriday! @PlayboyDotCom @playboylive @Playboy @Playboy_NL @PlayboySi @PlayboyMagSA http://pic.twitter.com/bmYmk6GN
  • @playboydotcom winner # 3: Lauren Li
  • Waking up with #friskyfriday ;) @PlayboyDotCom @Playboy @PlayboyAUSNZ @PlayboyMagSA @PlayboySi @Playboy_NL http://pic.twitter.com/QUAG04Xv
  • Sexy #pink #lingerie for #FriskyFriday ;) @Playboy @hughhefner @playboydotcom @playboymx @thisistsj #behind http://instagr.am/p/Uo-dXpKEOx/
  • @Playboy @PlayboyPlus @PlayboyTV @Playboy_NL @PlayboyDotCom @MaximMag #FriskyFriday frisky with my animal print on! <3 http://pic.twitter.com/c66bljQL
  • Black lace is my new obsession thanks to @Playboy @PlayboyDotCom @PlayboyPlus feelin extra frisky this #FriskyFriday http://pic.twitter.com/ygzS3HvJ
  • On set of playboy morning radio happy #friskyfriday @playboy @playboydotcom http://instagr.am/p/UopxAFy3fM/
  • #TGIF #heyplayboy happy #friskyfriday @playboy @hughhefner @playboydotcom @playboyplus xoxo ;) http://instagr.am/p/UpC7ktHhNl/ ..please retweet ;)
  • Early morning #FriskyFriday @Playboy @PlayboyPlus @PlayboyDotCom http://pic.twitter.com/dum0AWfW
  • #FriskyFriday @Playboy_NL @PlayboySi @PlayboyAUSNZ @PlayboyMagSA @PlayboyDotCom @Playboy_Ro @PlayboyCancun @Playboy xo http://pic.twitter.com/gYeeoqTH
  • Mirror mirror on the wall 2 #FriskyFriday @PlayboyDotCom @playboyTW @Playboy @PlayboyMX http://pic.twitter.com/sWsYDSqA
  • #friskyfriday @playboydotcom http://twitpic.com/bwbick
  • @PlayboySocial #FriskyFriday @PlayboyDotCom @Playboy_NL @PlayboyCancun @PlayboyClubs @MaximMag #hotpicatnoon http://pic.twitter.com/ikTDLcGZ
  • Happy #FriskyFriday @Playboy @PlayboyDotCom @ThisIsTSJ @ThePlayboyBlog @Playboy_NL @PlayboySi http://pic.twitter.com/dta2EBKx
  • Hope everyone is have a great #friskyfriday !! @PlayboyDotCom @Playboy http://pic.twitter.com/7BEG2p9Z
  • Fridays are so #FriskyFriday @PlayboyDotCom @PlayboyPlus @Playboy @PlayboyMagSA @Playboy_Russian #FF http://pic.twitter.com/1qMDLGG1
  • Happy #FriskyFriday @PlayboyDotCom @Playboy @PlayboyPlus @ThisIsTSJ #sicilianheat http://pic.twitter.com/ykCm1EMA
  • #friskyfriday is in order, but so is my morning cup of coffee. ;) @playboydotcom @playboyplus http://pic.twitter.com/zYGt7fQg
  • Tapping into my wild side this #friskyfriday @PlayboyMagSA @PlayboyDotCom @PlayboyVzla @Playboy @ThisIsTSJ http://pic.twitter.com/dWwGp2Gn
  • #FriskyFriday Lets win this! RETWEET MY PIC :) @PlayboyDotCom @Playboy @PlayboyAUSNZ @PlayboyMagSA @Playboy_NL http://pic.twitter.com/r9rjMrcp
  • Fridays wouldn't be the same if they weren't frisky ;) #FriskyFriday @PlayboyDotCom @PlayboyPlus @Playboy_NL @Playboy http://pic.twitter.com/pXyQCI8p
  • Happy #friskyfriday! @playboylive @PlayboyDotCom http://pic.twitter.com/ifPHVja2
  • @Playboy @PlayboyDotCom Happy #FriskyFriday!! @hughhefner http://pic.twitter.com/VU5tmvKN
  • #FriskyFriday @playboy @PlayboyDotCom @playboyplus @hughhefner http://pic.twitter.com/GHcfFMnd
  • Happy #friskyfriday @playboy @playboydotcom @playboytv #wildlifemiami http://pic.twitter.com/WUJHQcnj
  • So happy it's finally #friskyfriday @PlayboyDotCom @PlayboyPlus @friskyfridayme @SupportPlayboy @SexyTwitPics @FHM http://pic.twitter.com/ux64odSu
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    The Pick Up: 5 New Year's Resolutions For Your Love Life

    The Pick Up: 5 New Year's Resolutions For Your Love Life

    Welcome to 2013. If you’re likemost people, you’ve made a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions. And if you’re like most people, they won’t last past February.

    This year, try a new approach.
     The experts at Love Systems (the self-help gurus for dating advice for men) have shown that people who focus on inputs, like “I’m going to skip dessert every Thursday” have a lot more success than people who focus on outcomes, like “I’m going to lose 25 pounds this year.”
    With that in mind, I’ve been helping guys solve their love lives for 10 years now, and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I have five New Year’s Resolutions for guys who want to get better with women. That’s it. Print these out, paste them on your wall and hold yourself accountable.
    You’ll thank me later.

    Find and Communicate Your Passion and Purpose

    Being good with women is different from being good at just about anything else. If I want to be great at guitar or basketball, I should spend as much time studying and playing guitar or basketball as I can. But if your life revolves around meeting women, it’s counterproductive. That kind of lifestyle doesn’t make you very interesting to most women.

    Find your passion and purpose. Get used to explaining it in a way that other people, especially women, find compelling. It’s better to have genuine passion for your Star Trek memorabilia than it is to pretend that you’re into something because you think she’ll think it’s attractive. It’s the passion and emotional energy that she’ll respond to anyway.

    For example, I play and design board games in my spare time. When I talk about that, I don’t talk about the mechanics of dice roll modifiers or card-driven systems. I talk about when I was kid, a lot of my interaction with my family came over games, and even though you can do everything better on computers now, it’s really a great feeling to know that you designed something fun that brings people together in the same room for good times. It’s cooking a great meal, but that people can enjoy over and over. Any woman can relate to that.


    But still, you do have to work for your goals. If you want to be happy with your dating life, you need to practice. This isn’t because there’s anything wrong with you.  It’s because women practice their social and flirting skills all the time. They can’t help it. An attractive, outgoing, social woman is going to have people wanting to talk to her quite often. To be on her level, you need to practice too.

    A good habit to get into is never letting an attractive woman go by without talking to her. If you need to plan to go to the mall or the club or various events so that enough attractive women cross your path for this resolution to be meaningful, go for it. But don’t cheat yourself. Make yourself approach, and don’t leave the conversation (unless she does) for at least five minutes.

    You’re not going to be interested in every woman you meet, but if you get good at starting the conversation, breaking the ice and flirting, you’ll be in a great position when Ms. Right does come along.

    Get Good “Wingmen”

    Studies show that people who share their goals with others remain more committed and accountable to them. So, there’s that.

    There’s also the fact that meeting women is MUCH more fun and MUCH easier when you’re out with like-minded friends. You can do well picking up women alone if you know what you’re doing, but it’s definitely not the ideal.

    If you don’t have any suitable friends in your area, try the wingman forum on The Attraction Forums.

    Upgrade Your "First Impression”

    Studies have shown that women will often decide whether a man is a “no” or a “maybe” within 30 to 90 seconds of meeting him. It absolutely pays off to make sure you pass that first test. It starts with fashion and hair but it goes beyond that—your body language is hugely important.

    The great thing about body language is that unlike, say, going on a date, body language is something you can practice 24/7, even when there are no women around.

    Body language can get super detailed, but a few key elements are most important.  If you find yourself doing any of these, then pick ONE and fix it. Tell all of your friends that you’re working on (for example) eye contact and ask them to let you know any time your eye contact isn’t solid. Set your phone to vibrate every hour to “spot check” whatever you’re working on, until it’s a habit you don’t think about anymore.

    • Eye contact – 90 percent of the time when you’re talking, 70 percent of the time when you’re listening.
    • Controlled movements – Like Derek Cajun (a Love Systems Master Instructor) says, “move like you’re moving underwater.”
    • Smile – Not a big plastered-on smile, but look friendly. It will help your mood, too.
    • Shoulders back – Don’t hunch forward.
    • Stand tall – Keep your head up.  Don’t look at the ground when you walk.

    Be Man Enough to Get Help

    Most men aren't “naturally” good at attracting women. Some guys learn from watching older brothers or friends. Others won the genetic lottery. For everyone else, there’s hope—but you’re going to have to make it happen. And men tend not to want to admit that they could use help in this area of their lives.

    Women don’t have this problem. They ask for and share advice all the time—and get much more personal than most men. This gives women a social advantage.

    What kind of help? Start by looking through these  columns—there are almost 20 of them now, each on a different topic. Or remember that wingman forum I was talking about earlier? It’s also a great (and free) place to ask questions and get answers. Check it out.

    To your success in 2013!

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    Yufan Ardiansyah


    The Best Tailgate Party Show in United States

    The Best Tailgate Party in AmericaWhile my cohorts in college spent their time dawdling in the libraries, the caf├ęs and the classrooms around campus, I always felt most comfortable in the parking lots on game day. I educated myself over barbeques; knowledge came fast in the form of a can. I crossed the stage with an honors degree in tailgating, my major in a glass, with a minor in ass.
    There were never enough Saturdays for me, so when the call came to trek across this great country in search of the best tailgate party, I grew giddy as a kid at Christmas. I was out the door before my editor had even finished the sentence. When I got home, the receiver was still dangling off the table. Tailgating is my calling; it is my god, my savior and my religion. Another season of Saturdays was upon me, and my first stop had been a long time coming.


    EverBank Field – Florida/Georgia Classic

    Scene: 10/10                Girls: 9/10                Fans: 8/10             Food: 7/10

    Drink of Choice: Bourbon
    There was no getting around it; Jacksonville, Florida was a must. Rumors of three long debaucherous days descending upon the American South were too great to pass up. The annual meeting of Georgia and Florida has long been considered the “biggest outdoor cocktail party in the world,” but that’s probably too formal a word.
    For anyone else in attendance, I was the guy in the frilly pink tutu outside The Landing grumbling about horseshoes. All Hallows’ Eve coinciding with tailgating, and naturally horseshoes, had proven to be a major setback. At a buck a point and a beer every five, playing six games against some very serious ringers from Georgia had me drunk, broke and dressed as a princess, the last being an unfortunate consequence of a side bet with my own friends. Ten hours under the Florida sun had taken its toll and I was brooding.
    All around me was chaos. Any time after 11, the Jacksonville Landing is a breeding ground of Fun. Beer flows frivolously, hordes of students weave in and out of crowds, jockeying for position and eyeing the next packed bar. With Halloween thrown into the mix, the whole thing looks like a circus, something straight out of a Hunter Thompson novel.
    The days are no different. Students spilling into the parking lots, parking lots spilling out into the street and beer spilling every which way but up. For three long days there are no definitive lines or boundaries in Jacksonville; the whole city turns into one giant backyard barbeque, the true Elysium of the tailgating elite.


    Husky Stadium – University of Washington Huskies

    Scene: 10/10                   Girls: 8/10                   Fans: 7/10              Food: 7/10
    Drink of Choice: Cuba Libres
    Breaking out, bleary-eyed, into the sun is disorienting enough, but stuck somewhere in the middle of a Pacific waterway with little recollection of why you are there is not something you can immediately come to terms with.
    There had been a football game. Evidence littered the deck of the boat and floated carelessly alongside us, but I had no clear memories of seeing any sort of on-field action. The portable TV, toppled and cracked in the corner, was still showing highlights, and I sat down looking for anything that would bring back images out of the carnage of the previous day.
    My last clear memory is the lights of the stadium exploding into the orange-blue twilight. Anything after is a tangled mess of passing boats, echoes booming across the bay, cheers from a distant crowd and innumerable trips in and out of the startlingly cold water. Flashes of scantily clad women diving from the deck, drinking from the bottle, shooting fireworks out into the dead summer night and finally passing out amid the booze, the blondes and the beer are all that are left. Sailgating with a raucous Husky crowd had long been a dream of mine, and having done it, it still is, every year, from now until I can remember it.

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    Gadget Geek's Guide to The Winter

    Gadget Geek's Guide to The Winter
    Let’s face it: this cold weather is kicking our asses. We wish we could’ve pitched a story to our editor about vacationing somewhere warm or even something that would involve cuddling in a bed with a bevy of women, but we just didn’t foresee this wretched snow, sleet and wind. But if you are bold enough to brave the cold, these are the gadgets you need to optimize your time outdoors.

    Oakley Airwave – GPS-Enabled Goggles

    A couple of the guys around the office are diehard snowboarders, and this 40-below-zero weather isn’t making them flinch one bit now that there are so many wicked devices on the market designed to make every time they hit the slopes awesome. One piece of equipment we haven’t heard the end of is the Oakley Airwave GPS-enabled goggles which help riders see, track and share their speed, performance stats, jump analytics, navigation and more. These goggles even have a buddy tracking system that tracks your friends who also own the Oakley Airwave goggles or who download the app on their smartphones. Even cooler? They can connect to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android to let you see incoming calls and text messages. We foresee many “sick days” on the slopes with these goggles!

    Gamer Next Door App Choice: X Games App for iPhone

    If you live for the X Games, this app is for you. I LOVE that this app is year-round and full of awesome vids, bios and instant results of all six X Games Events in 2013; it’s actually kind of addictive! Well, not as much as the new Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Let me know what you think about the app by tweeting  @gamernextdoor.

    Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmet

    Ever since we saw this Bell Rogue helmet we’ve been weighing the pros and cons of pooling our cash together to invest in a much-needed chopper. Really, how cool would it be to drive cross-country, picking up Playmates to keep us company along the way with this bad boy on? Its sleek vintage design, built-in speaker pockets and removable muzzle are built tough to ward off all elements you may encounter on the road. The helmet comes in four colors and is extremely comfortable and lightweight, with a magnetic connection that makes it easy to take the muzzle off whenever it isn’t needed. It’s safe to say we’ve never seen anything quite like this before and we love it!

    Olympus Tough TG-2

    Whether you’re spending your days skiing, building igloos or just taking a walk in this frigid winter wonderland, taking photos with your smartphone is completely out of the question. Who would want to take their gloves off in this weather? Olympus’s latest all-terrain camera Tough TG-2, released at this year’s CES, is setting the bar high for other tough-built models on the market. For one, its waterproof capabilities have been improved to depths of 15 meters, which will come in handy if you drop it into a snowbank or are participating in a polar bear dip. Its quite impressive super macro zoom mode is perfect for super artsy photos of snowflakes to impress the ladies, and its large size makes the camera easy to grip even if you’re wearing gloves.

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    Why Money Makes Us Squirm

    Why Money Makes Us Squirm Like all people who are getting divorced, my friend talked about loneliness, his sex life and the damage divorce would do to his kids. After five minutes of this, he—like all people who are getting divorced—spent half an hour talking about money. My friend said he was lucky in that he had saved up “a pretty big chunk.” When I gingerly asked him how much “a pretty big chunk” was, he gingerly said, “A lot more than you’d think.” This went on for a few minutes. He said “quite a bit,” “a good start” and “not nearly enough to retire.” It was like playing The Price Is Right’s Showcase Showdown with a car salesman.

    For the next few weeks I kept coming up with equations to try to figure out how much he had—approximating his salary, his mortgage and the number of times he eats out each week. I had no idea why this bothered me so much—especially since I spent no time whatsoever trying to figure out why he was getting divorced.

    That’s because men never talk about money. We’ll tell each other about genital warts, prostitutes, prostitutes we got genital warts from, prostitutes we’ve given genital warts to, prostitutes who got genital warts from other prostitutes at particularly good bachelor parties—but not about our salaries, how much we’ve saved for retirement or even our tax bracket. It’s way too personal. More so than the number of women we’ve slept with or the number of people who work for us, money is how we rank one another. Women rank one another in much healthier ways, like by who is skinnier. The Forbes 400 is our People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People.

    Money has totally different purposes for men and women. Women actually see money as something they use just to buy things. That’s why they split the check when they go out to dinner. They want to keep their money for clothes and jewelry and expensive juices. But for men, the purpose of money is to grab the check. Money is for establishing dominance. We are herd animals, and people with platinum status get on the plane first. It’s why, even in adulthood, we say things like “Would you drink the entire jar of pickle juice if I gave you $300?” If we could sell each other into slavery, we totally would.

    Our idols are Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett—guys so badass they greedily accumulate money with no interest in spending it. Zuckerberg wears a hoodie and had his wedding in his backyard. Buffett has lived in the same small Omaha house for years and has a Cadillac DTS that he drives himself. The only thing he has splurged on is a giant flatscreen so he can watch Cornhusker games. Despite his money and his hot wife, no man wants to be Donald Trump, who puts gold on everything and fusses about his hair. What’s the point of making a lot of money if you have to live like a Real Housewife? The last time Warren Buffett thought about his hair was during puberty.

    For men, there’s absolutely nothing better than an athlete declaring bankruptcy. Those guys who were cooler than even the coolest guy in our high school, who got more action than we’ve gotten vicariously in POV porn—they got done in by shopping sprees. Did Mike Tyson really need tigers? Did Warren Sapp need to create a family crest and put it on the chairs in his screening room? Did Lenny Dykstra need any of those gold chains?

    These bankruptcies restore a little bit of fairness to a frustrating game with random rules. Guys who do things that are even less consequential than writing a column for Playboy—high-frequency traders, creators of apps, Piers Morgan—make tons more than I do. Teachers, nurses and cancer researchers make less. Which is why we’re obsessed with athletes’ salaries in the first place. Sports have definitive metrics, so if Alex Rodriguez hits only .272, we can get accurately angry at the crappiness of capitalism. And of Alex Rodriguez.

    But all this jealousy and schadenfreude hurts our friendships. Because men friend for life, I have high school and college friends whose incomes are wildly different from mine. Women make new friends continually at every stage of their lives because most of their conversations are about shoes and handbags. But not knowing how much my friends make, I never know which restaurant to pick for dinner. I feel as though I’m never supposed to mention money around my friends who have less—even though many of them spent their 20s taunting me with the fact that they got laid much more than I did. Of course their method of taunting was simply getting laid much more than I did. Still, they could have shielded me from it. Just like I could have not forced them to go on a tour of my house, ending in my wine closet.

    So after a month of wondering about my divorcing friend’s money, I decided to do something no man has ever done: I told him how much I had saved up. It was nearly the same amount he had, thus making us far closer friends than ever before. I would tell you how much this is, but that would preclude you from being my friend. Perhaps even from reading this column. Let’s just say it’s exactly as much as you’ve saved.

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